Brake Maintenance

In towns and cities we have to apply our brakes a lot more often than during highway driving. If you spend the majority of your time driving where starting and stopping is a major part of your driving experience you need to pay extra attention to your braking system.

Maintenance is key to safe braking. Today’s anti lock braking sytems are vulnerable to their fluids breaking down. You can also find deposits and varnish taking place in your braking system. A brake maintenance service is vital and replaces those deteriorated fluids. If you find your brakes feel spongy or soft you need to have a service done.

We will inspect the entire braking system for leaks, master cylinder corrosion, worn pneumatic parts, harmful varnish build-up, broken or rusted bleeder valves, worn rotors and drums and air in the brake lines. Then we apply new quality brake fluids giving you a long lasting and safer braking system.

Remember, winter tires are only part of the answer to safely navigating winter roads.


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