Whats wrong with this suspension?

"it only makes the odd clunk over bumps" When the strain of modified & lifted suspension with much bigger wheels and tires gets too much, stuff breaks! Upgrade to HD suspension components if you want to be safe!

Dodge Ram Cummins turbo performance is a little poor..

  Whats wrong with this part? Going to all the effort to compress the air into the engine, but its leaking out! A close up of the air duct from the Charge Air Cooler to the Engine Air Inlet. Here is where is was mounted up to. The round boot is leaking up to the Read more...

Don’t Forget the Lubricants

Windshield washer fluid keeps dirt and debris from collecting on a vehicle’s windshield, allowing the driver full visibility and making it an essential safety item. Windshield washer fluid should be checked monthly and drivers should use a fluid that is specially formulated for their climate. Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of a vehicle’s engine, Read more...

Transmission Service

Your transmission and driveline are essential to making your car go. The transmission takes the power produced by your engine and delivers it to the wheels. You need to keep up with maintenance BEFORE symptoms are noticed. Most transmission problems are easy and inexpensive to fix when caught early, but ignoring early warning signs can Read more...

Brake Maintenance

In towns and cities we have to apply our brakes a lot more often than during highway driving. If you spend the majority of your time driving where starting and stopping is a major part of your driving experience you need to pay extra attention to your braking system. Maintenance is key to safe braking. Read more...


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