Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Factory Scheduled Maintenance Services in Stettler, Alberta

Vehicle safety, reliability and performance.

Most people know that bringing your car in for an oil and oil filter change every few months is necessary to help protect the car’s engine. But an oil change isn’t the only maintenance item your car or truck needs.

Your car has many parts and systems that keep it running. Without regular maintenance, these parts and systems will wear down, and eventually break down. Preventive maintenance is the key to extending the life of your vehicle and minimizing future auto repair needs. At AutoTrust we’ve seen many vehicles come into our bays needing repairs or expensive replacements that could have been easily preventable if the vehicle had been on a regular maintenance schedule.

Avoid costly car repairs down the road by bringing your car in to an auto repair shop like AutoTrust for regular factory scheduled maintenance. Without regular maintenance, your vehicle’s life is shortened and can become prone to costly problems and issues that could have been easily prevented. In addition, most new vehicle warranties require that the vehicle is regularly maintained, or else the warranty will be rendered void.

What is Factory Scheduled Maintenance?

Every car has a maintenance schedule that is recommended by the car’s manufacturer. Every make and model will have different maintenance services at different mileage intervals that are recommended by the manufacturer. Examples of common mileage intervals include 30,000 or 60,000 or 90,000 km.

Maintenance services include but are not limited to:

* Comprehensive Safety Inspection
* Lube, Oil & Filter change
* Cooling System Flush
* Brake System Check and Brake Fluid Flush
* Transmission Service and Transmission Fluid Flush
* Tire Condition inspected for wear, air pressure and rotated
* Battery and Alternator Service
* Belts and Hoses inspected for wear and tear
* Air Filters inspected and replaced if necessary
* Wiper Blades checked and replaced if necessary

The expert auto mechanics at AutoTrust know the recommended maintenance services for each make and model. Our auto mechanics are trained and licensed to provide all factory recommended maintenance services and new vehicle warranty maintenance.

We do everything the dealer does at your recommended scheduled maintenance service intervals.

Because every vehicle requires different types of maintenance at each interval and because your driving habits and your regular driving conditions can affect what may or may not be needed, our auto mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and give you a list of recommended services. We have the specifications of what each manufacturer requires for their various models.

By staying on top of not only your oil change, but also your other factory scheduled maintenance services, you can ensure your vehicle’s extended longevity, vehicle safety, reliability and performance.

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