Winter Tires

Common Features of the Best Tires for Winter Road Conditions

When the weather gets cold and the snow begins to fall in Canada, winter tires are an absolute necessity. The simple truth is that while all season tires are a great option for summer and fall, they simply are not designed to stand up to the harshness of Canadian winters. If you want to keep yourself and your family safe in your vehicle this winter, then you need a great set of winter tires.

With Winter Tires, Unidirectional Treads are Essential

The best winter tires will have treads that keep you in control when the weather gets messy. Experts agree that unidirectional treads are your best option on winter tires. This is because unidirectional tread designs are able to effectively evacuate water, slush, snow, and ice—keeping you in direct contact with the road—better than any other options. Unidirectional treads are easily distinguishable, as they typically feature V-shaped patterns, as well as deep grooves between their tread blocks.

For Safety, Ensure Your Winter Tires Have Sipes

Much like unidirectional treads, sipes are a valuable tool to help keep you in control of your vehicle during the winter months. Sipes are a series of small slits in the treads of your winter tires. These slits work together to ensure slush and snow are effectively dealt with while you are driving by dispersing debris from the road. With a set of tires that have sipes installed on your vehicle in the winter months, you’ll be better able to effectively brake while driving on icy roads. You’ll also experience an improvement in cornering, acceleration, and overall handling of your vehicle.

Your Best Options Will Have the Severe Service Winter Tire Designation

You may have noticed that some winter tires feature the symbol of a snowflake on the side of a mountain. This symbol is more than just a stylish design: it’s an official designation from the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada. If your tires feature this symbol, it means they meet the winter traction performance requirements of the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada and you can be confident they provide you with the handling, traction, and overall capabilities you need to successfully navigate roads and highways during Canadian winters.

Let AutoTrust Help You Find the Perfect set of Winter Tires

Whether you’re buying your first set of winter tires or upgrading before the snow starts to fall, the experts at your local AutoTrust can help. When you stop in, the team can offer tips and advice, as well as answer any winter tire questions you may have.


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