Whats wrong with these brakes??

Can you spot whats wrong with these brakes? This was a very close call to disaster. Imagine if you had to do an emergency stop?? We had one unit that the brake pads fell out on the floor when we drove it in the shop! Hows that for timing!? Get your brakes inspected regularily, We Read more...

VCR -Not what you think it is

No, VCR does not stand for “Video Cassette Recorder” — it stands for “Variable Compression Ratio,” and it’s a topic we discussed nearly 10 years ago. At that time, though, the engineering was only in prototype. Today, at least one design is scheduled for use on a production vehicle, slated to debut on the 2019 Read more...

The 10 Commandments of Winter Driving.

1. Thou Shalt Purchase Winter Tires 2. Thou Shalt Be Aware Of Winter’s Tricks 3. Thou Shalt Not Place False Hope In All Wheel Drive 4. Thou Shalt Not Spin Thy Wheels 5. Though Shalt Remove All Snow From Thy Vehicle 6. Thou Shalt Drive Smoothly 7. Thou Shalt Focus Far Ahead 8. Thou Shalt Read more...

Whats wrong with this suspension?

"it only makes the odd clunk over bumps" When the strain of modified & lifted suspension with much bigger wheels and tires gets too much, stuff breaks! Upgrade to HD suspension components if you want to be safe!

Dodge Ram Cummins turbo performance is a little poor..

  Whats wrong with this part? Going to all the effort to compress the air into the engine, but its leaking out! A close up of the air duct from the Charge Air Cooler to the Engine Air Inlet. Here is where is was mounted up to. The round boot is leaking up to the Read more...


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