The Flash


Chances are if you are driving a car that is newer than 8 years old it is laden with computers that control much of how your car runs.

Perhaps you have noticed some thing isn’t quite right with how your vehicle operates, but are unable to pinpoint the problem. It could coming from one of your your cars many computerized components.

Remember how your home computer is always asking your permissions to do an update? Your vehicle really is no different. An update might be needed to optimize performance by doing a refresher on it’s computerized operating system.

This is something that needs to be done at a reputable shop with access to the necessary tools. It involves having your car talk to a computer probably located at your car’s manufacturer. Yes, you can take it to a dealership, but oftentimes it isn’t necessary as the independent shop can gain access the same information. This isn’t a cheap tool and involves the shop investing considerably to be able to perform this service for you.

Many updates that your vehicle might need to receive can involve the ABS system, stability control along with engine and driveability. If the issue is related to a recall on a part of your truck then a dealership will have to be involved however, we can arrange this for you.

There are many required updates communicated by technical service bulletins that are probably not communicated to you by the dealership or even the manufacturer. Let us help you sort through this.

Is Your Car A Like A Space Ship?

Not only is your car chock full of technology, but it if it is a high mile vehicle you could compare yourself to one of the space craft that reached the moon. The moon is approximately 238,000 miles away from Earth. That is 383,000 kilometres. Your truck could be approaching 250,000 miles (402336 km). If so, chances are it isn’t by accident. You have taken great care with your vehicle and are now reaping the benefits – way to go!

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